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Mindfulness with Mae


About Our Practice

Hello and welcome to Mindfulness with Mae. This is a safe space for individuals wanting to learn how to live a more meaningful, intentional and mindful lifestyle. Tsa Mae, founder of Mindfulness with Mae is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and Certified Meditation Facilitator, practicing in-person and online.

She has been trained in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and has worked with individuals and families in the community over the past 12 years. Using a customized approach, Tsa Mae has helped clients improve their mental health and well-being.

Incorporating psychotherapy and/or mindfulness meditation into your regular routine can enhance your overall health. Mindfulness with Mae provides a healing and friendly environment to practice guided meditation in an individual or small group setting. We also provide individual psychotherapy consults and ongoing therapy sessions.

Mindful Eating Meditation

Mindful Eating Meditation

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Spend Some Time With Us


Psychotherapy Consult

This free 15-minute consult will take place online. Allowing you time to meet with the therapist and explore what is present for you. Various modalities and approaches to therapy will be discussed. This process is client-centered and incorporates time for you to ask any questions.

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Psychotherapy Session

Working with a trained psychotherapist to explore and challenge some of those limiting beliefs. Using a variety of modalities that fit your needs in the moment, while connecting to your true being. Let us help you get unstuck and move forward, aligning with your authentic self.


Individual Guided Mindfulness Meditation 

One-to-one guided mindfulness meditation with a focus on the present moment. Among its many benefits, this practice helps improve numerous aspects of your life including stress and pain reduction, improved sleep and increased energy overall.


Private Group Guided Meditation

Do you have a small group of friends who wish to share a peaceful, tranquil moment together? Or a few colleagues who desire to practice active stress reduction? Maybe you and your significant other crave a more intimate and intentional experience? Contact us to organize a personalized meditation for your small group.


Free Monthly Mindful Class

Mindfulness with Mae will be hosting a free group class on the last Sunday of each month @ 9 AM. This class will be completely free, but offerings or donations are always welcome. Classes will range from Mindful Movement to Guided Meditation and are 30 minutes.


In-Person Psychotherapy Session

Connect with a therapist for individual psychotherapy in our calming, studio loft oasis. Nestled just steps away from downtown Bowmanville, take the first step towards self-love, self-acceptance and realigning with your true being.


Jon Kabat-Zinn

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”


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